Being a caregiver can be the most rewarding and the most frustrating experience! I know, I took care of my mother-in-law, then my father and finally my mother.

One of the biggest issues involved in caregiving is paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. It seems, right or wrong, that everything revolves having the right paperwork in place. How do you keep up with all that information?

You MUST have  a system. ​ Unfortunately, no one taught you a good system to manage this. Frankly there is no "standard" way to organize personal and financial paperwork. Untill now. 

The Family DocuMap system is a method you can use to organize, manage and maintain all the documents you will need to give effective care. And I have made this system available through a series of e-books.

The Caregivers Guide Series will walk you through, step-by-step, how to set up an effective paperwork management system that will keep all those documents in their proper place and accessible in an instant.

The series is available by individual book, or you can purchase the whole series. Click on the images below ​to learn more about these incredible e-books.

Caregiver Guide Series - A Guide to Caregiver Paperwork Management

This series consists of the complete set of caregiver guides as described below.

Caregiver Guide - An Introduction to Paperwork Management

The introduction to the series helps you understand what is involved in the Family DocuMap system and gives you the "big" picture of paperwork management.

Caregiver Guide 1 - Easy System to Manage the Paperwork Monster

Guide 1 walks you step-by-step, through implementing the Family DocuMap organizing system. In addition it includes a copy of the DocuMap and complete instructions on how to fill it out so anyone can find paperwork at any time.

Caregiver Guide 2 - Making Your Files Accessible

In Guide 2 the issues of file accessibility is addressed. Solutions presented will fit any situation for easy access to information contained in the paperwork.

Caregiver Guide 3 - How to Identify and Replace Lost Documents

Guide 3 addresses the problem of missing documentation. With a system to identify what documents are missing and resources to find replacements, the guide is loaded with invaluable information for the caregiver.

Caregiver Guide 4 - How to Search for Unclaimed and Lost Assets

There is over $42 billion of unclaimed and lost assets in the custody of the states. Most of this property from abandoned safe deposit boxes. Guide 4 shows you how to do the research needed to search for lost assets. With the resources provided in the guide the search is completed quickly. 

Caregiver Guide 5 - Keeping Personal and Financial Documents

Paperwork hoarding is common, especially among the elderly. Guide 5 includes details of documents, how long they need to be kept, when and how to dispose of unneeded paperwork. Included is a whole section on tax returns and IRS regulations regarding keeping tax documents.